Our CCDA 640-861 practice test questions will effectively prepare you for the official CCDA exam.

CCDA™ 640-861

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CCDA™ 640-861 Practice Tests & Exam Information

CCDA Exam Information
CCDA Exam Topics
How 2 prepare
How2Pass CCDA™ Practice Tests

The CCDA exam 640-861 has retired on 7/13/2007. The updated exam CCDA 640-863 emphasize the converged enterprise network model and presents services virtualization based on the Cisco Service–Oriented Network Architecture (SONA), providing a foundation for students to gain the knowledge and skills required to design routed and switched network infrastructures and services.

We have not yet published our CCDA 640-863 Practice Test.

CCDA Exam Information

Exam#:  DESGN 640-861

Associated Certifications:



Valid for:


3 Years

Time Allowed:


75 - 90 min

Questions Asked:


58 (may vary)

Passing Score:


825 (82.5%)

Question Format:


Multiple choice, multiple answer, drag and drop, fill-in the blanks and Testlets (case studies)


The Designing for Cisco® Internetworking Solutions Exam is the only exam required to achieve a CCDA™ (Cisco Certified Design Associate) certification. CCDA certified professionals can design routed and switched network infrastructures involving LAN, WAN, and dial access services for businesses and organizations.


Knowledge and skills to install, configure, and operate basic network infrastructures are desired. The CCNA certification is highly recommended.

Exam Topics

Click here to see the detailed description of above topics.

How 2 Prepare

Follow two simple steps:

  • Study thoroughly the book(s) below. Cisco Press book is recommended.

  • Use our Online Tests to finalize your preparation.

Books: You have a limited choice of books for this exam, yet you can use these books.

  1. CCDA Self-study: Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN) 640-861, 1st Edition
    Diane Teare, Cisco Press, 2003

  2. CCDA Exam Certification Guide, 2nd Edition
    Author: A. Anthony Bruno
    Cisco Press 2004

  3. CCDA Study Guide, 2nd Edition
    Author: Todd Lammle & Andy Barkl
    Sybex 2003.

Note: If you are using an older version of the above books, you need to study following additional topics:


How2Pass CCDA™ Practice Tests (online)

These are the most relevant exam prep questions for the CCDA™ (DESGN) 640-861 exam and will effectively prepare you for the real exam.


  • Questions: 357

  • Interface: Like real exam. View snapshots.

  • Question Types: Multiple choice, multiple answer, drag and drops, Testlet/scenario based.

  • Practice mode: Take the test from a selected topic. "Show/hide answer" button to view correct answer and explanation.

  • Test Mode: Random questions from all the topics.

  • Explanation/Exhibits: In both modes, the correct answers, exhibits, and explanations are provided after completing the test.

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