Full Version: Passed with a 944
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I completely missed the first lab on IPV6 virtual links. I was ready but in my nervous haste, I clicked the Next button thinking it would bring me to the screen with the command line. Sadly, it moved me to the next question. I tried to get the proctor to reset but she had to call Cisco. She was on the phone for 20 minutes. All they would do was give me my lost time back. Anyway, How2Pass was right on for most of the questions. There were a few oddball questions on multicasting and ISIS. My only advise....try to relax and go slow with the labs. Good luck to all of you!


congs. friend
did you use p4s ?


I didn't use IPV4 or IPV6a. They would not allow me to answer the question. Granted, I went too fast which is why I missed it. However, the screen does not look the same as the other labs. It was completely blank with the topology and scenario tabs at the bottom. I clicked on the next button thinking it would bring me to a screen where I could enter the commands or something similar to all the other labs but instead it brought me to the next question. I understand the policy of not going back to a previous question as you might find the answer in another part of the exam. However, I only answered 2 questions before the lab, neither pertained to virtual-links.