Full Version: Study Group and I passed CCENT
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My study group and I passed.

For those trying to memorize the questions on the practice exam, don't. Use it as a reference. Its not about memorizing, you have to actually understand what is going on in the different layers, what configurations do what, and how to troubleshoot.

You can also use it what is offered by this site as a reference to find out exactly at what area's you are struggling with. I found out which areas I had trouble with and what exactly I was getting mixed up on. Studied those specific areas and it helped a lot.

But yeah my group and I passed. Not going to lie, I thought I failed by like 10 questions in. My confidence was completely shot, and I was prepared to just walk out. I stuck with it though and kept trying. When I got my score I passed by a significant higher margin than I thought I did. So I didn't barely pass, I passed and it felt good.

Couldn't have done it without this website. Thanks guys.