Full Version: Passed BSCI with 955
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Hi All,

Passed BSCI on Friday with 955!!

I had eigrp/isis redistribution
OSPF stub area
Eigrp stub/address summarisation?? - Yeah, that caught me off guard and i think that may have been where i dropped points.  Basically, rtr2 couldn't see rtr3 (i think it was set as receive only) also had to summarise rtr3 addressing so that the routing table only contained 2 routes.

The rest of the questions were a fair mix of everything really, no particular topic stood out.  A few questions on IPv6 that i hadn't seen before, but that's why you will need to know your stuff.

Everything else was covered on H2P and in the cisco books,  also have a lab at home which i study on.

I was getting around the 95% mark everytime on a random test with 60 questions (the test had 61) so if your hitting that mark consistently then you should be OK.

Good Luck


Congratulation Lee,

Thanks a lot, I passed my bsci on 07/07/09 as well and received exactly the same simulations as you mentioned:
eigrp/isis redistribution
OSPF stub area
Eigrp stub/address summarization
And an EIGRP Teslet

The questions were a mix of everything and some IPv6 and BGP new as well.
The most of the questions were covered from How2pass, used Cisco Press BCSI book, BSCI Lab Portfolio

Good luck, mate to the next exams
And everybody good luck!!!



Hey guys

Im writting the BSCI Tommorow, hope i will score like u.. i've used CBT nuggets, Bsci official stuidy guide, Portable command guide, Lab portfolio, tesking & pass4sure... and of course forums
of how to pass let you know tommorow


Thanks Theo and Congrats to you.

Hi Nanfys,

Good Luck for the 15/07...i'm sure you'll be fine!!



Hey GUys

Passed yesterday with 911 , same labs

moving to BCMSN.......

Cheersss and thanksss