Full Version: Passed CCNA 200-125
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how2pass is an awesome practical study resource, worth every penny, thanks to the wealth of knowledge you will obtain studying this material. It is a great learning resource for all the exam topics, thanks to the very detailed explanations for each question and the great practice sims and labs.

You could pass using how2pass only if you have experience in the field. You should get additional resources if you are a beginner. Questions randomly come from every section so you need to learn all the questions and study all topics. You also need to know all of the labs and sims very well because they are not exactly the same on the test, they are modified. Not just different IPs, but different config, output. You need to understand all parts of the labs and simlets in depth if you want to do well. I think this test in general was way too much material packed together and it was very tough to get through in 2 months. If you are new take the 2 test path to CCNA.
Congrats on the pass! Big Grin
(11-30-2019, 08:12 PM)johndamanager Wrote: [ -> ]Congrats on the pass! Big Grin

Thanks dude!