Full Version: Passed BSCI with 911 Sept 2
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Finished the exam today with 7 mins to spare. Time is fairly tight in this exam though I think.

Had the following sims:

Redistribution of ISIS into EIGRP and vice versa (Lab #4)
OSPF summarisation (Lab #3)
EIGRP summarisation (Lab #6)

Had both simlets QID:T1 & QID:T3. Got quite a lot on IPv6 and Multicast.

Also had one question about NAT-PT that I didn't see on How2Pass. There's an exhibit showing an IPv6 host sending traffic using an IPv6 destination address to an IPv4 host behind a NAT-PT router. It asks you to choose from 4 options how the traffic gets to the host. I think I answered that the router selects where to send the traffic. I can't remember the other options unfortunately.


Smile well done. On the redistribution lab was the delay given as per the sim - 4ms so the figure required to be used was 400?