Full Version: How to prepare - what exam preparation material should I use ?
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I am preparing for the CCNA exam (640-802).

I had a look at several exam-preparation products from different companies like Transcender, Troytec, SemSim and some others.

Each company offers a "money-back-guarantee" in case that I wont pass the exam.

What I dont understand is that the study-material (questions) is totally different from company to company... I have not seen one question that would be identical (which I would expect to be the case...?)

For example Trotec has completely different questions than SemSim while SemSim has questions with "gap filling" and Transcender has nothing like this...

Which company has the "best"  preparation solution for 640-802 ? (up-to-date questions and realistic environment)

Thank you


H2P CCNA test prep is dead on. I used both Todd Lammle CCNA Study guide for my book material and H2P CCNA test questions. One shotted the test with 20 minutes to spare.



thank you for your answer.
Maybe you can give me some more information ?

How many questions did you have in your exam?
Are there really such "blank filling" questions where you have to complete a sentence ?
How many simulations did you have ?

Thank you very much


I gor 44 questions which is odd since Cisco claims 45 minimun, I had no fill in the blank to complete the sentence, I did get the fill in the Drag and drop IP question for a network. I had a total of 3 sims and 1 simlet. first one was the nat sim, eigrp, and ospf, the simlet I had was the frame relay. All these are covered by h2p. I suggest you read a ccna book, then do h2p, if your scoring 90%+ on h2p final your ready to pass the real exam.


This is so true I took the exam after taking the practice exams here and I passed. I used Todd's CCNA Study Guide and I was scoring 90% to 97% on the H2P.