Full Version: Passed on Friday, 956
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Scored a 956 on the ISCW on Friday, October 9th. 

I was scoring between 95 and 99% on the random 72 question h2p exams, so it is a good indication of your level of proficiency.

As for the test itself, they started me off with PPPoE router sim, AAA router sim, GRE testlet, firewall testlet for my first four questions!  There were a few questions I hadn't seen before including a new drag and drop for a firewall config.

So far I'm done BSCI and ISCW, I think BSCI was harder (only got a 916 on that one).  Thanks H2P, great website and a huge help!



glad your test went well. just wanted to know how your BSCI went. did you use how2pass for that as well.

I have registered few weeks ago but no one seems to post anything in this site for some reason.

many thanks
Upen Desai


I also used H2P for that one, but it was a while ago.  I wrote the BSCI in Nov of 2006 actually, I'm trying to keep my ccna, not necessarily obtain ccnp.  I found the BSCI very similar to the H2P stuff, as I said before I scored a 916 and you only need a 790.

For anyone thinking about h2p, just do it.  I have not been let down and I will continue to purchase the package to ensure my passing of any cert going forward.  You can get the answers online mostly, but not in the format and presentation of h2p.


Well done - are the sims on ISCW  SDM or command line? I have used h2p for both BSCM and BSCI and found them to be very good. Smile


Hi Andy, they are all command line.

1) Setup PPPoE for a dsl connection.  Pretty simple really, just setup the e0/1 int and dialer 0 int with a default route
2) Setup AAA authentication.  Specifically they want you to setup default authentication on the console & Aux ports and a named database with tacacs for the vty lines
3) another variation on aaa setup, i didn't get this one on the exam.