Full Version: Taking my exam tomorrow 4/6/10
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I can't wait for it much longer. It's at 8:45 am tomorrow morning. I will post results once I have completed it.


Good luck! Let us know about the Sims. Looking to take mines pretty soon also


Took the test this morning.  I passed with an 885. There were 3 sims and 1 testlet.  The sims were as followed: EIGRP stub sim , OSFP v6 Virtual Link sim, and a OSPF/EIFRP mutual redistribution sim that I hadn't seen ANYWHERE ( I skipped it after attempting for 4 minutes). Rest of the questions were all here or atleast covered in studying.



Well done and many thanks for sharing your experience. I am panning to siting in next few days so it will be very helpful to me.

All the best for the next one.