Full Version: close but not enough
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took the test today and got a 790.  that would be enough for the other CCNP tests but not this one.  Just 14 stinking points.  I know I have enough time to get it all done before Cisco kills these 2 tests in a little over 3 months and are permanently replaced by the troubleshooting tests that sound very hard and I hear that not even Cisco has much help with them.  So I feel bad but know I have to do the lab sims a lot more and work harder on voice because that is where I was deficient.  There were also new questions that dealt with managing resources when it came to security that are not on this site.  I hope that there is an update soon.  I think its overdue.


Could you possibly elaborate on what you mean by 'managing resources'?  I'm preparing for this one as well.  Thanks - good luck next try.
what the question said was something like this:  you have to be like a security admin and you have to choose what resources or procedures have to be done to meet a security requirement or upgrade.  One of the questions was out of 6 things such as a security audit, testing new hardware when its installed, creating new procedures with IT admins or doing a rollback what out of those 2 should be done to complete the objective.  I dont remember the questions word for word but there were 2 like that


What lab sims did you get?