Full Version: Passed ISCW!
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Three down - one to go (ONT)

How2pass was very helpful regarding my test prep as always.  I read the Cisco Press book as well and I'm sure MC7791 sent me his mojo.

Thanks how2pass!

congrats Toko!!!  now send me 50 bucks electronically for the mojo.  If you dont then the Cisco Mojo police will be notified by me that you did not pay me.  Remember these guys have the Human Network behind them so you can IP spoof or port redirect all you want and they will find you!!!

ok so were most of the questions from this site and how many sims (not simlets) did you have?  I know that there are like 2 simlets on the test.  I am happy for you and wish me luck as I think I will try it next week.


Looks like you won without any assistance - congrats