Full Version: Passed today with 910.
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Overall, the exam wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I used H2P for my CCNA, so I knew they were good, but I guess I thought this would be different.  Don't mean to beat a dead horse here but just like everyone else has said, if you study each of the sections enough to where you're passing 90%+ of the questions, you'll be good on the exam.

I had lab 5, 6, and a new one that Nikisal already mentioned that involved redistribution between OSPF and EIGRP with a dual-homed setup.  I can't remember exactly what the question is but it looked like we needed to configure a NSSA area and then tweak the metrics to prefer the link with the higher bandwidth.  However, when I tried to configure the NSSA on the area under the router ospf config mode, it kept saying "invalid command."  When I did a ? after area, nothing showed up, although the ? worked with everything else I tried.  This was my 3rd question I got, so I skipped the question after 15 minutes of trying to work at it.  I'd be curious what the solution was too.

Other than that, I had the EIGRP simlet that asks what routes would be preferred with the specified successor, etc.  There were a few questions I came across that I hadn't seen before but looking at my score breakdown, I apparently got them correct as they were mostly BGP and ISIS questions, and I scored 100% on both of these sections. 

Next stop:  SWITCH.


Is this the sim you got?


That's the one.  The solution to the lab is exactly what I was trying to go for.  However, the running-configs on the routers didn't have either area setup as an NSSA, so I'm not sure how his solution actually worked.

Oh well.