Full Version: Passed 640-802 CCNA today
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Passed the CCNA-test today ...

Had two sims:
- Access-lists (the one with the web-server)
Take care: in the real test it was host D, getting permissions. NOT host C!

- EIGRP-troubleshooting
Very similar to how2pass.

Had quite a lot of questions about WLAN and IPv6.

Thanks H2P!
Your site helped me really a lot.


Hello My Friend

Congratulation for passed the CCNA Exam.
I am here new in this forum, i also want to give my CCNA exam, nowadays i m preparing
can you help me regarding the study,
i am studying from CCNA CBT Nuggets and Train-signal video lectures,
from these 2 video lectures can i pass the exam.

Thanks in Advance



sorry for answering very late.
I haven`t visited this forum for some time.

Concerning your question: I don`t know the study materials you mentioned. So, I`m not able saying, if it is sufficient for passing the CCNA.

The way of learning I recommend is reading the CCNA-Preparation books of Wendell Odom.
If you know the basics then using h2p-laps und -tests.
Train until you archieve 90% and more in the random tests with 60 questions each time. Then you should be ready for the real test.



hi there,

Were the WLAN and IPV6 questions similar to the ones on how2pass ?



(10-20-2010, 06:52 PM)caomhino link Wrote:Were the WLAN and IPV6 questions similar to the ones on how2pass ?

Yep, it was.

As far as I remember all questions was very similar to how2pass.

The sims differed a bit. But it wasn`t a big problem to manage them.
Just take care to know the how2pass-sims well and read thoroughly.