Full Version: Question RTE:146 Clarification/Possible Error
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I think I either found a typo on this question, or need some clarification on it.  The Question states:

-That AS 65500 is not advertising the prefix
-OSPF is being used as IGP
-Which addition will advertise the prefix?

- I answered "redistribute ospf 1" which now i think is a gotcha because the question never tells you which process ID OSPF is running on, but I answered that because you can redistribute OSPF routes into BGP.


-The answer listed as correct puts a static route to null0 at but with a mask of , which is a /30 and not a /22. If it was a /30 then BGP would not use this route to advertise to its neighbor because the specific prefic must be in the routing table, correct?

BTW, I'm taking my test tomorrow.  I will post my results when I get them.


OK, I got this question on the exam.  How2pass has it as a typo.  The answer is in fact to put a static route to null0 that matches the route/mask of your internal routes.  I got a 941 total, and 100% on the BGP section according to my score report, so I'm confident that the answer is right.
Good to know, and your logic looks right to me.

For BGP to advertise route, it has to be in the routing table first.