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just found a good software for checking the result during learning subnet or subnetting of CCNA.
It is a free software for iphone or ipad. And it is also a good software during daily work.

Apple Store download link:

Please also find th description for the software:
[Image: mzl.gdtmwlut.320x480-75.jpg]
'Subnetting' is a tool or caculator designed to help network engineer or administrator who need to calculate various subnets or diagnose your current network problem.

You just need to type the IP address and select subnet mask from list, 'Subnetting' will tell you all you needed details information about the subnet, including below:
- Network class
- Network address
- Number of hosts
- First and last usable Host address
- Broadcast address
- Or even is it a loopback/private address.

The 'Subnetting' is also a dreamy and free teacher for preparing your CCNA exam to learn subnetting. The 'Subnetting' can be a good supervisior for checking your learning result.Do more practics then checking result with our most honest supervisior.


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