Full Version: Took ROUTE 642-902 test today 05/16/2011...Failed!!!
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I took the ROUTE 642-902 test today at Pearson Vue.  But Failed!! I spend wasted 200 dollars for ROUTE 642-902 test, plus the 2 months studying feed A & S

All the multiple questions are accurate from how2pass however LAB Simulations are NOT!!  I never across OSPF or EIGRP LAB question.

They had Ipv6 OSPF Lab and BGP lab questions.....they had one more...unfortunately I ran out of time to figure it out. They give you 2 hours. 52 questions.  I ran across 3 simulation labs that is not listed in how2pass ROUTE 642-902  Testlet/Simlet/Scenario Questions

The LAB question was actually about Ipv6 OSPF LAB Scenario where they have 4 routers connected with 3 different OSPF areas and I needed to figure it out why router 1 is not communicating with router 4. And the other LAB scenario for the next one was, " Customer has private IP MPLS, and has one router connected to two different eBGP HTTP connections. Question was  "How do you configure your router to specific BGP HTTP connection line without configuring static or summary routes?"  The
OSPF and the EIGRP SimLab never came up on the test.

Please provide new LAB test!!

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This is my fault not how2pass...hand on labs are must!! This I did not look at.

To All, 

Make sure to revise all the hand of labs before go on to take this exam because it will show up on the test

this is under Simulation at Premier Links


Took the test other day and I passed with 883.  This was close call... I had Lab 7, 6, 3 and 4 just like sdunn96 saids.

lab 3 was really confusing to me on actual test. I followed everything correct but in the real test shows different IP and different subnet. & different area (but concept was the same)