Full Version: Passed Today 890
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I was surprised to get 3 sims:

-EIGRP troubleshooting, summarization, and stubs
-ISIS <-> EIGRP redistribution
-OSPF multi-area and stub

Then there were a couple simlets. All this thrown at me during the first few questions. I was on question 16 with only 45 minutes left. Luckily, it was smoother sailing with the remaining 45 questions. Other than the sims, not too much on OSPF and EIGRP. I got 100% on EIGRP, OSPF, and IPv6, but bombed on BGP and Multicast...can't figure that one out since my How2Pass scores on those two subjects were perfect. But in either case, definitely couldn't have done as well without How2Pass. Great resource for studying and understanding the topics. 

There was one very legitimate error to look out for. One question on ISIS stated similar to "Which of the following THREE items are true regarding the diagram", yet it said "(choose 2)" after the question and would only let you choose 2. The answer also wasn't obvious, as there could have possibly been 2 or 3 answers. I was too far in the test to notify the proctor about it, but I found that it was odd that they would have not caught an actual error on the exam.