Full Version: QID:RTE235 GRE over IPSec tunnel
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The answer is "The crypto isakmp configuration is not correct:.  However this question comes without an explanation.  Also I didn't think that IPSec questions would be on the ROUTE exam since the topic isn't covered extensively in the curriculum.  GRE is covered so I expected the answer to be GRE related but the correct answer appears to be IPSec related.
It is using the Tunnel Interface IP, when it should be configured using the LAN IP address for the routers physical interface.
Which in this case would be 192.x.x.x
172.x.x.x is the Tunnel interface, so a virtual IP


So you're referring to the line that reads "crypto isakmp key ******** address"? 

That makes sense. 

Still I think it helps to understand the Cisco security features which the ROUTE curriculum doesn't really delve into.  That's okay though.  Just makes me look forward to CCNA Security someday. Smile

Thanks again!