Full Version: I need help on 640-802 exam?
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I need help on 640-802 version 4.25 on question #136 compare to new versionĀ  7.25 on question # 273
can anyone tell me what is the right answer in the real exam?

On question 136 on the 4.25 version and question # 273 on the 7.25 version are asking the same question and same digram but each version have different answer ,,can anyone help me the right answer..if you have or copy of both version you and just look at the question # mention and let me.

I also have question about the 640-802 exam questions for question # 604 and 611 on the version 7.25, why they both are asking the same question but each one have different answer?

Question say:
When you are troubleshooting an acl isuue on a router, which command can help you to verify
which interfaces are affected by the acl? waht is the real answer for this question: > on question #604 say ans is D but question # 611 say answer is B. so can anyone tell me which one is the right answer?

A. show access-lists
B. show interface
C. show ip interface
D. show ip access-lists
E. list ip interface

Thank..please hope anyone can help.