Full Version: TSHOOT Passed 913/1000
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Passed the TSHOOT exam on Friday with 913/1000. The 5 questions you get at the start let me down as I didn't really revise for those, hence the 67% score in that section!

The actual bullk of the exam, the tickets, was simple! I do troubleshooting daily as part of my job, so this ultimately did help, but my advice for anyone else would be to build the lab!!! You need to do this to get an understanding of how it fits together. Use GNS3, build it, understand the model and then get someone to break it for you over and over again.

Remember the topology of the exam IS AVAILABLE FROM CISCO for you to see and it IS the same topology in the exam. Furthermore on the Cisco site there are 4 tickets for you to do for free that is of the same setup like the exam!

Good luck to everyone taking it.

Danny, CCNP :-)