Full Version: Passed 642-902 Routing
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Hello All..
I passed on Sept 28.  Sorry for the delay in update, but I went on a cruise to relax after many months of studying.  I scored 895, and had 5 SIMMS.  I took my time, and finished with only 4 mins left on the clock.. Now, for what you really want to know.  I used CiscoPress, CBTNuggets and their labs, TrainSignal, and INE labs, but the real deal is HOW2PASS.  Their questions were dead on, or very, very close.  Cisco will throw some different questions, or change some of the details.  Study using HOW2PASS, but review the explanations.  Know the technologies, theories, and what is being asked.  HOW2PASS provides real questions and explanations.  If you memorize, you will not be able to deal with the changed questions.  Know the technologies, practice on HOW3PASS, and you will pass!!  No dought!!  Thank you H2P!!!