Full Version: Did you pass the Router exam?
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any tips?
I would be careful at this point. Im a current subscriber and failed the 300-101 test today. Doing a search through the internet i found a couple of posts where users were talking about Cisco changing the batchpool of questions. At this point, i emailed support to see if they were aware of this and awaiting feedback
Hey John77, you're right man..
I too have just failed, then advised the guys here, as they've mad some cheeky changes ( see updates) & more simulations.
So going back to the drawing board for now, until hear some more..

Best of luck for those who take this path.. Wink
**** UPDATE  ****

Just discovered I have been a bit of a muppet..DOH!!

When studying for this exam, don't forget the 'Hands on Lab'

Nuff said... Wink    Thanks How2...