Full Version: came close but not enough
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Got a 731.  Did not do one of the hands on tests enough.  It was #7.  Will now lose both CCNA and CCNP because I have to wait a week before I can reschedule.  MY time with run out.  I have never gotten any hands on experience through a job.  Right now not able to set up own equipment.  Wonder if having a network tech job is out of the cards for me. 
Certifications are not the end all be all. I have worked with people who have not had any certifications who could do circles around those who had several, myself included. A certification does look good on paper, though, and will help getting a job. That said, I would say get right back into it with the CCNA. I know it's a pain in the butt, but so what? Just get the first, then go to the second, and on and on and on. I hope those who read this can take your lesson to heart and give themselves and out if they fail. I, for one, always wait to the last minute to re-certify, and I have come close to replicating what happened to you, so maybe not feel too bad because there are a lot of people who do the same and lose their progress.

Best of luck and be sure to retest when you can.
You don't have to have access to real equipment for hands on. Why don't use use GNS3, it's a wonderful learning tool for Networking.
Don't know why but I was under the impression that once you do a level-higher than the previous level, your previous level becomes permanent

i.e. if you did CCENT, then did CCNA it would make CCENT permanent.

Then if you did CCNP it would make the CCNA permanent (and you would only have to renew your current level and not worry about the previous levels again)