Full Version: Study techniques, resources to prepare for Cisco CCNP 300-135 TShoot exam - 2017
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Fall 2017

Recenty, I took a 5 week course on Cisco TShoot 300-135 Exam Prep here at Los Angeles California. In this class, I learned study strategies and how to take, prepare for the CCNP 300-135 TShoot exam. I want to share what I've learned in the class.

Tools to use to prepare for CCNP 300-135 TSHOOT exam:
1. Cisco Tshoot Demo website
2. Older version of Packet Tracer with 14 Tickets available at NetworkTut website
3. Older version of GNS3 (version 1.5.X) with 14 Tickets available from GNS3Talk
4. A Windows PC capable of running tools mentioned in item 2 and 3 above

I.  Learn how to take the Cisco TShoot Exam using Cisco Simulated problems:

1. Do a Google search on following search criteria: Trouble Tickets Cisco

2. Click on the first search result for page titled: TSHOOT Demo Item - Cisco (You should have Flash installed in your Computer to utilize this site). This site is run by Cisco and it shows the Topology problem used of the TShoot exam (straight from Cisco).

Learn the Simulation test scenario, download the Layer 2 and Layer 3 Topology diagram images as this will be the exact Topology that will be used in the exam.

3. Practice taking the Tshoot Exam using the four sample trouble tickets in the site.

II.  Use NetworkTut resources to guide you get at the right answers to the Tickets:

4. Do a Google search on: NetworkTut. Network Tut provides the 14 Ticket topics in the exam plus discontinued ticket topics.

5. Notice at right column of page, there are 16 Tickets, and some have been removed from the Exam but it counts to be familiar with discontinued Tickets anyway.

6. NetworkTut has the Scenario for each of the 14 still valid Ticket and the answer. Each Ticket when clicked on will provide the answer to the Ticket. But it does not explain how it got the answer. Still, you can read the reply of people using the Forum and you'll learn from their feedbacks. You need to read the feedback from Forum members and figure out the solution yourself. There are other resources that will help you out. It pays to be familiar with how you get the answer because the Tshoot Exam can change scenario which can be different from scenario experienced by another person taking the 300-135 exam beside you.

III. Use GNS3 and GNS3Talk resources to do hands-on practice on 14 Tickets:

7. Use GNS3Talk's videos to learn the Solution to the 14 Tickets. Search GNS3Talk in YouTube.
Research in the videos where you can download corresponding GNS3 files. Install GNS3 1.5.X provided in his download link and 14 Tickets in your PC. Use this to do hands-on and practice implementing solution to 14 Tickets with speed and efficiency. They already have been configured and all you're doing is doing the troubleshooting of the 14 Tickets. Remember you are only give a few minutes to solve a Ticket. There are videos in YouTube where author spends 30 minutes analyzing one Ticket. That's not realistic in the exams. 

IV.  Use Packet Tracer version resources to do hands-on practice on 14 Tickets:

8. There is also a Packet Tracer version of the 14 Tickets. They too, are already configured and all you're doing is doing the troubleshooting of the 14 Tickets.

Do a Google search on: PT 300_135 TSHOOT Ticket XX.pkt, where XX is the number of the Ticket.

It will lead you back to NetworkTut site and also to YouTube where you'll find videos by Mohammed Saber. He explains Solution in Arabic. I don't understand his explanations, but you just need to find the download link to the PKT files. Practice doing the TShoot 300-135 Exams on these PKT files. It has the answer to the Problem within the PKT file. You're learning how to find answer to Ticket using tools available.

Good luck in your CCNP Tshoot 300-135 Exams.

- ccnaronin16