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I think you might want to take a look at the question mentioned above.

Question: After you connected a host to a switch port G0/1, the port is error disabled. what command can you enter to determine the reason?
This is what the site chose to be the correct answer: show log

[This is an extract from the Cisco site to support the correct answer:

When a port is errdisabled, it is effectively shut down and no traffic is sent or received on that port. The port LED is set to the color orange and, when you issue the show interfaces command, the port status shows err-disabled. Here is an example of what an error-disabled port looks like from the command-line interface (CLI) of the switch:

cat6knative#show interfaces gigabitethernet 4/1 status

Port    Name      Status      Vlan      Duplex  Speed Type
Gi4/1              err-disabled 100          full  1000 1000BaseSX

The keyword in this question is "reason".
Does the output of "show interfaces gigabitethernet 4/1 status" shows any reason of errdisable?