Full Version: qid:ne34 why IGRP?
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i got two of them but select the rip v1 one over IGRP.

this is the passive-interface question. My understanding is that passive interface dont send out routing info but will still recieve routing updates.

ok so i understand why the RIP one wont work - it's becuase of the passive interface deault which means rip routes not being sent out of s0/1 to rtc so rtc wont know how to get to RTA.

but ...

in teh IGRP config we also have passive interface enable with the no passive on s0/1 ??? so igrp goes out of s0/1 but how will rta know about rtc if s0/0 is passive which is the link to RTA? surely s0/0 should be no passive as well????



ignore me

i've just reread the question. it's all about route propogation.

so to answer myself and confirm my understanding -

RTA can propogate info to RTB
RTB can propograte to RTC therefore RTC knows about route.

the route back doesnt matter cos the question isnt asking that, i.e. route on RTA to get to RTC.