Full Version: Passed BSCI today April 3rd with a 833
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Passed BSCI today with a 833 for my second time recertifying my CCNA/CCDA/CCDP/CCNP.

This is the second time I used HOW2PASS and it didn't disappoint. The forum is a big assist to.
I bought the current 4th edition Cisco CCNP BSCI Exam  Certification book to. 
Also used all the free testing engines I could find on the internet but only paid for HOW2PASS since I used them the first time I certified.

Had 3 labs and 1 simlet same as "BAMF"
  OSPF Stub
  ISIS/EIGRP Redistribution
  IPV6 Virtual Links
  EIGRP Topology Output.

Thanks to the posting by "BAMF" to look out for the IPV6 Virtual Link lab.
I found a link which is all you need to understand to configure it.

Seemed also to have allot of questions on BGP and multicasting.
Spent two months studying. I suggest take the exam in the afternoon and cram for it in the morning, thats what I did.


No problem.  I'm happy my information was useful to you.  I was kind of shocked to to see the IPv6 question.  I was really pumped when I could ping the routers in that lab.