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Passed today ICND1 - b007mitch1 - 06-19-2009

Just passed ICND1, was not as hard as I thought.  They threw me a curve ball by putting a hard question as my 1st question and throwing me off my game.  Even thought I passed time to move on to the ICND2.

Re: Passed today ICND1 - jaykaj - 07-06-2009

glad to hear to you passed... Smile

Re: Passed today ICND1 - Loutavar - 07-08-2009

Had the ICND1 test today and failed by 5 points.

I had a simlet question on ip routing that had this format 456 broadcast
then the choices were one of five different layer 2 numbers from 300 to 900 for each router.
Can anyone explain?

this was the first question and I got stuck on it...  most of the other questions were similar to howtopass, still passing was 803 scored 795 Sad


I have not seen on h2pass test. Has anyone seen this before?

Re: Passed today ICND1 - Manchetti - 07-09-2009

that dont make any sense?!?!

the number could be metric value?

Re: Passed today ICND1 - b007mitch1 - 08-07-2009

It is a frame relay sim that you are referring to, you will see it in the study material for the ICND 2.  However I got the same question on the test so study frame relay and you should be good.