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QID:SW801? - 19mihaita86 - 09-02-2019

Which two statements about VRRP are true? (Choose two.)
A . Preemption is not supported.
B . It support clear text authentication only.
C . It uses a shared VIP to support default gateway redundancy.
D . It requires each device in the group to participate in the same dynamic routing protocol.
E . It can use a single virtual address to provide default gateways redundancy.

Hello, shouldn't be D and E the answer, in the exam in the new questions section are C and E the answers, can you correct?

Does anyone passed recently the exam with H2P questions?


RE: QID:SW801? - 19mihaita86 - 09-06-2019

I passed, thanks H2P.
Lab 6 still on the map.