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Passed route! - bfinnessey - 02-10-2020

Just passed route exam just by required score of 55 questions! 790/1000 YIKES! My test was very off to me. I only had 1 drag n drop (I had all of those down by heart and was waiting to kill those). I had VL and OSPF lab which the H2P labs definitely prepared me. I managed to get roughly 10 questions that I have never seen before, or it seemed as so. I felt VERY confident in going into this and as soon as I got to those unknown questions I got pretty nervous. I also only got 1 sim, which I was hoping to have more of those as well. There might have been 3-4 questions that were on the "recently added" portion. So dont just study those. You must KNOW and review ALL of route sections if you want to pass. I reviewed everything several times and still received a curve ball. All in all, I am happy I still got the PASS!