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WOOT! Passed ICND1 Today - redd77 - 12-02-2008

Passed the ICND1 this morning with a 970!  I was a little nervous about taking the test but it ended up not being as bad as I thought.  I had two router configuration sims.  One was a basic setup.  Configuring the VTY, Console and enable passwords, host name, ip addresses and RIP routing.  The toughest question I had was labeling the interface addresses on a diagram as being Inside, Local, Global or outside.  A good chunk of the questions were very close to the practice questions on H2P.  Some of the questions that I was unsure of I was able to use the process of elimination to get the right answers.  There was only one question that I feel like I stumbled on.  On the first router sim I had to type out the full commands at the CLI.  And the interfaces were name differently than what I normally see. Other than that it was a piece of cake.  I was able to finish the test with about 25 minutes left.  So keep an eye on the clock but take a moment to go over your answer before moving on to the next question.

To prepare for the test I read the ICND1 book by Wendell Odom and got work to send me through the Cisco training course.  I probably could have skipped it though since it pretty much covered what was in the book.  I then went through all the questions on H2P until I pretty much had them all memorized.  Pay attention to the router sims and make sure you know them inside and out.  It will making configuration during the test easier and a bit faster.  Also make sure you have subnetting down.  It will make things a lot easier and faster.

All in all I think H2P really made a difference on this test.  Now to take on ICND2!

Re: WOOT! Passed ICND1 Today - martinlo - 01-28-2009

Did you have any "Fill-in-the blank " type of questions?

Re: WOOT! Passed ICND1 Today - techie211 - 01-29-2009

nice job! how long did it take you to study before you took the exam?