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Passed BSCI today - 987 - wildwing94 - 07-11-2010

56 questions, 3 sims, 1 simlet, 1 drag and drop.

The 3 sims were EIGRP Stub, OSPF virtual-link and EIGRP to OSPF redistribution, which can be found here:

The simlet was the EIGRP one, but with different values, but the same concept. The drag and drop is a brand new one regarding building an OSPF environment and has 4 different answers. I do know that three of the answers are OSPF summary boundaries, Process ID, and area types and prefixes. I was able to guess the fourth one correctly so use common sense.

As for the 51 multiple choice questions, every single one of them were from How2Pass.

Thank you so much How2Pass, I couldn't have done it without you!

Good luck to all, hope this helps everyone trying to get this done before the cutoff date.