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I passed the ICND 1!!! - ninjagaiden78 - 09-17-2010

I was fortunate to pass the ICND 1 exam yesterday with a score of 900. I have to tell you, the How2pass testing materials helped out immensely! To all who are going to take the test soon, here are a few tips:

Read the Wendell Odom ICND book 1.
Know how to subnet! This is extremely important, I cannot stress this enough.
Understand how routing and switching works!
Know your show commands!!! This is another thing that I need to emphasize. There is a lot of scenarios that ask you about packets and frames. You have to get that down.

Reading these forums helped out alot. There were alot of people who gave me encouragement and who very positive on these forums and I want to give that back. So to all who will be taking the exam, study till you don't want to study anymore and then study some more, relax, and have faith in God that you will knock it out.

Thanks to all the wonderful posters on this forum. One love and God bless.


Re: I passed the ICND 1!!! - mickdemonk - 09-18-2010

Congratulations on passing!

Re: I passed the ICND 1!!! - goldendragon-r - 02-21-2011

congratulation, (Y)  ;D
Do you have some tips ?
or practice exams?