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Passed CCNA today - sdavidson - 11-15-2010

Just passed my exam today - 961/1000 ! 

All I can say is how2pass really made the difference as alot of the exam questions were the same as the practice questions!

So thanks how2pass whoever you are.....


PS- Also worth noting is that pass mark is now 825, something I wasn't aware of.

Re: Passed CCNA today - shimmy - 11-16-2010

Congrats!  ;D How do u know the pass mark is 825?  What sims did u encounter?

Re: Passed CCNA today - sdavidson - 11-17-2010

Pass mark was on a page just before exam start page. It's also printed on my score report !
Sim's I got were the VTP/VLAN(slight variation of the how2pass one) EIGRP & ACL

Re: Passed CCNA today - shimmy - 11-18-2010

thx for the reply... and again, congratulations!

Re: Passed CCNA today - LuRCH - 11-22-2010

Yes it said 825 on my test too, the Instructor told us 850 so I was thinking does this mean it's a bit harder ?
I reckon it's just tweaking the values being applied for correct/partial correct answers.
You get 300 points just for starting the test !
The score report at the end is very dull and uninteresting requiring you to read it to find out if you passed.

Re: Passed CCNA today - jeffrey78 - 11-26-2010

Congratulations, I'm preparing CCNA exam in december, I have very carefully review but still feel nervous  ;D