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Pass CCNA 2/1/2011 - ericryan73 - 02-01-2011

Smile I had my CCNA and lost it due to being lazy and not taking another exam.  So today I took and passed the new 640-802 CCNA test using how2pass and job experience.  During the test there were 3 Labs, which were Access-list, EIGRP, and VLAN. 

Good luck and study hard. 

Re: Pass CCNA 2/1/2011 - miclark11 - 02-02-2011

How similar were the labs as compared to h2p?  I'm slated to take mine in 2 days.

Re: Pass CCNA 2/1/2011 - cmayer - 02-02-2011

The labs were almost exactly the same (subnets, etc. may have been different).  I took and passed my CCNA on 12/1.  If you know the labs and SIMs on H2P you will be fine.