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What to do after CCNA? - johnten - 07-05-2013

Hi everybody

I got my CCNA certification last week after several months' hard study.  The problem facing me now is that I'm not really sure where to go next.  I have absolutely no IT experience -- I only decided to become CCNA-certified because a friend told me that it would get me a decent salary.  I've been unemployed for many years.  What do people think I ought to do?  Should I learn more about Windows, Linux, Unix, etc., or go for CCNP?  Would employers be likely to hire somebody solely on the basis of the applicant's certification?

These are sincere questions, and I appreciate any and all sincere answers.  Thank you.

Re: What to do after CCNA? - davidbrent - 08-10-2013

I would go for CCNP. I don't think that there are many unemployed people with that certification. Good luck!