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PASSED CCNP SWITCH 642-813 - liscas76 - 06-28-2014

Passed the exam with a score of 978/1000.  I had been studying for the past 3 months by reading the Cisco Press CCNP Switch Learning Guide and reading the CCNP SWITCH 642-813 Official Certification Guide and  I also watched Cisco Video Mentor Videos from David Hucaby, who is the also the main author of the Official Certification Guide. Watching and listening to Mr. Hucaby's videos helped me a lot with the labs on the exam and I also learned a lot of practical knowledge about Cisco switches in general which have helped me better my skills at my current job.  Overall, I feel I am a lot better and knowledgeable at Cisco switching.  I also listened to CBT Nuggets. However, I actually was able to follow David Hucaby's videos a lot better, and he shows you step by step configurations at a nice and easy pace with explanations that I was able to follow just as he was demonstrating. I also liked how he covered the pronunciation of some of the Cisco acronyms which I had always been curious about how to pronounce. Thus, I preferred to use his training material.  Hope this helps.  I wish everyone well in your Cisco certification efforts.