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Passed BCMSN with 912
Thanks to H2P for a great prep once again. Some new questions not seen on here like how a voice call is made and a couple new HSRP questions. Nothing too hard. If you know HSRP and voice then these are really simple.

There was a new drag and drop. You had to put in order from top (highest priority) to botton (lowest priority) the following:

Voice, Voice signalling, Video, IP Routing, Network Management.

Also I had the new MLS simulation. Create SVI's for vlan 2 and vlan 3, issue the no switchport command and ip routing command etc and add eigrp routing.

On another note the pass mark went up, normally all CCNP exams are 790 but this one was 810. PLus i got 62 questions. Normally you get about 54-55. Obviously the number of questions differ but the pass mark going up threw me a little.

All in all, you cant fail if you learn with the Cisco books, CBT nuggets and H2P.

3 down 1 to go. ISCW next then ive finished my CCNP.  ;D
Congrats Jigsaw!! I plan on taking mine a few weeks. Thanks for the post!

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