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Good evening all

I am looking at this question.  It shows different equipment talking to its counterpart over a point to point WAN and asks what each type of communication represents.  I would have expected the CSU/DSU to be using PPP because they do, routers to be talking using IP because they use layer 3, switches to be using data link because they use layer 2 and the hosts to be using physical for same reasons.  The question is how do the pcs communicate to each other.  I went for physical as natural progression but the answer is IP - which I would have thought would be he routers.  I don't get this at all. Please help
PC's communicate through IP, hence when you type in command prompt "ping" (example). You don't type "ping (mac address)", that should help you remember that. Also you can think about why PC's have a default gateway that is an IP address, DNS server, etc.
Thanks for the reply.  I don't get it at all to be honest (ping could also be by hostname).  I guess it's one of those Cisco says it is so it just is.

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