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(QID 975)
(QID 975) 
You recently applied a common configuration to several PCs on different VLANs. The PCs are connected to the same switch with a router-on-a-stick, but users report that the PCs cannot ping one another. Which two are possible reasons for the problem? (Choose two.)

A. The access ports on the PCs are misconfigured.
B. The native VLAN on the router is misconfigured.
C. The ip default-network command is misconfigured on the router.
D. The trunking protocol is configured incorrectly on the router subinterfaces.
E. The VLAN is configured incorrectly on the router subinterfaces.

In how2pass test the correct answers are A and E.

The E is OK, but I don't understand why A? Access ports should be configured on the switch not on PC. 
I think the correct answer is E and D.  

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