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QID: BCM380: ADMIN, please give an explanation for that answer
Hi ADMIN (or other skilled)

refer to question QID:BCM380 View the exhibit. Which statement is true about the display of the command "show pagp 1 neighbor" command?

Please give an explanation for your answer.

I was just about to ask the same thing!

I think this explains the answer:

PAgP Interaction with Other Features

The Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP) and Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) send and receive packets over the physical interfaces in the EtherChannel. Trunk ports send and receive PAgP protocol data units (PDUs) on the lowest numbered VLAN.

STP sends packets over a single physical interface in the EtherChannel. Spanning tree regards the EtherChannel as one port.

PAgP sends and receives PAgP PDUs only from interfaces that are up and have PAgP enabled for auto or desirable modes.


Thank you! That's what I love about this forum, everyone helps each other out! It's especially useful when other people reference their explanation like you did!

Nice one!


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