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PLS HELP ME OUT from this...

I am so confused about T1 Connection.

We have a new office that will connect from Philippines to Japan. The net diagram is T1 Connection (1.544Mbps)

I am confused about, pls Correct me if Im wrong...

1. My thinking is that T1 Connection is a leased line, it is a cable that only our network traffic flows.

2. It is also a point to point which means the office we have here in the Phil will be 1.544Mbps straight going to Japan Office. Or is it 1.544Mbps only from the Phil Office to the Phil Telco Provider.

3. What are the encapsulation type that T1 using? Is it Frame Relay? MPLS? VPN? Broadband?

4. How many IP addresses that we're going to receive from the Telco? for T1 Connection. I think T1 connection has 24 channels.

5. If T1 can connect to the internet, meaning from Phil office to Telco is terminated. How can we connect directly to Japan Office if the end line is connected to the internet.

thnx in advance

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