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Passed - 926
Passed BCMSN yesterday on 6/11 just after receiving new questions on 6/10.. Great timing, thanks H2P.. Didnt get the Radius Sim, but got the VLAN/STP sim thats like one of the new labs, and then a VTP sim. Got the HSRP simlet also...    know your STP and Wireless..
Well done! congratulations.

Would you please shed some light on simlets in your Exam? such as what was the task in HSRP simplet and VLAN/STP simlet?

Thank you.. As far as I recall.. I had 2 Sims and 2 testlets/simlets, whatever they are called... One sim was a VTP one and the other was VLAN/STP one. The 2 testlets I got were the STP one and the HSRP one, if you know the HSRP one on the new questions, it is very similar to that, and pretty straightforward. You just compare two configs, and check the priorities, preempt command, decrement value etc... and answer the questions

Many Thanks for your feedback. This will be helpful towards my preparation.

Good luck with the rest of CCNP tracks.

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