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Passed Switch 300-115 12/19
Well, I took the switch exam today to re-certify CCNP R&S and passed with a score of 834/1000. I used this site, read the official study guide from Cisco Press, as well as viewed various videos on INE and YouTube. The Cisco Press book was helpful as was this site but either one of them alone would not have been enough to pass the exam. In my opinion, this site is very good for the lab practice, the drag and drop experience, and the multiple choice simlets. However, definitely make sure that you you understand the concepts behind the questions on this site and not just the answers, as others have said. There were many questions on the exam that were totally new, and some that were very close to being the same. A comprehensive approach is best and the exam should not be taken lightly in my experience(s). Best of luck to all who read this.
Congrats! Big Grin

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