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There are also little groups of lvl 50s who were basically other clans
There are also little groups of lvl 50s who were basically other clans that cheap RuneScape gold heard about the war group together to pick up all the leftover rune. I'd do the same it was really enjoyable. Hilarious tbh.

P2p Wars were great but always modest in number, in fact nobody fought p2p wars they had been a rarity, and also hella expensive. An f2p war would put you back 200k at most where as p2p wars will be double that at a minimum. P2p was chiefly for pk trips and hanging out around mage bank for 1v1. Mage bank pking was in which you'd locate the very best of the best, who'd pk in ahrims and party hats. Usually with 40 other 126s ready to snare your stupid arse for believing that a guy goes pking solo in a party hat.

There were mini wars, these would be planned but sometimes they'd be spontaneous. Once you realise it was an opposing clan you have encountered, when you died you would gear up and come back to the fight immediately as a matter of pride. The war would go on till onbe sides members decided they had dropped enough, and the Victor would have a great deal of spoils.

I was not hungry for fame, I liked the people around me when I had been enjoying, and I even played with other games with them later Runescape, (counterstrike source) I had been kicked out after for signing in their forum via a proxy. This gave me another ip and alerted the chief that I had given my account to an opposing Clan to spy on them. This premise was completely incorrect.

I went to join a new clan after this, one with how to make money fast on osrs large amounts and elevated levels, but it was not great. The people that were greedy and callous, banding together to just make a fast buck in the wilderness. Nothing like the community I'd in anarchy where you can sit and chat for hours with any of those membersn about nothing. So my love for the game began waning until it finally faded and so ended the tale of Destroyer709.Also I realised that I never talked about duel arena. I had no success in the stadium, but there was a massive duel arena community too which I hope someone talks about this.

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