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Passed today - 1000 - my thoughts
This was definitely my best score ever on a test, and I would say H2P did a great job with the questions this time around.

I did get a couple simlets/testlets with SDM, in which the H2P tests helped.

I also had two router simulations, one for configuring an Ethernet and dialer interface for pppoe, and the other to configure AAA for tacacs+ and apply the configuration to the access interfaces. 

Outside of that I had a lot of single answer and multiple choice questions, and a bunch of drag and drops.

My study materials consisted of the Cisco Press certification guide and H2P. I read the book, did about 20 questions per area to gauge my knowledge, and then went back through the book. I think this worked well as I picked up on things the second time that wouldn't pop out at you otherwise. I then went back and used the 'unseen' filter and finally the 'incorrect' filter. I'd suggest this to anyone looking to try a new study method.

Sorry for the long post, but since there haven't been many recent posting on this exam, hopefully it may help somebody out.

Good luck with your exams,
How useful is H2P. Is H2P uptodate on ISCW. I heard H2P is not updated for BSCI.
took BSCI on July 11th.H2P was dead on Smile

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