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Passed 960/1000
Passed the ISCW yesterday, H2P was a huge help.

Although this test was the easiest yet (in terms of prep time), it definately had the most insignificant content.  I would never have got through all the SDM (why would any engineer use this?) questions without H2P.

I had a few new questions in each of the sections, but if you know the material, they aren't hard to figure out.  Also, I had a easy aaa lab that I had not seen before.  It asked to set up a default authentication profile and tacacs+ authentication for ssl authentication.

something like:
tacacs-server host key cisco
aaa authentication login default local
aaa authentication LIST1 tacacs+
line vty 0 15
login authentication LIST1

there might have been a little more to it--thats all I remember.

Thanks for the help H2P, just need to finish the ONT by November Smile

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