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Failed :( got 750 needed 790
50 questions, I had NO testlets, but it is still wise to know these!!

How2Pass was very representative, although I got 750, this was pretty much what I was getting in the tests, needed more time with How2Pass.
I got 4 sims, IPv6 Virtual Link, EIGRP summary/stub, OSPF stub,  EIGRP / ISIS redistribution.

My EIGRP let me down, apparently this is common, be warned!

Other things in the exam:
ISIS routing levels
what is FF::02
EIGRP stub question.
EIGRP over frame relay.
IBGP Mesh, related to synchronization.
Redistribution metrics.
OSPF state, related to dead time.
Totally stubby OSPF.
EIGRP summary
IP Helper question.
The ISIS routing output, where there are 4 routers in two areas, what is the correct routing table.
A Policy Based Routing - SET statement question

Not as much as I expected on IPv6 and Multicast.

Oh, and LOTS and LOTS of BGP stuff.

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