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Question NB71 - EIGRP Summarization

I'm confused to the correct answer on this one. The correct answer according to H2P is and

surely if RT2 is summarizing then is correct as it will summarize at the classful level.

I checked this on packet tracer and GNS - both times RT3 has & in routing table.

Is H2P answer incorrect?
The auto-summarization in RT1 Router is disabled, this means RT3 and RT2 routing table will have and but if auto-summarization is enabled on RT1 then RT3 and RT2 routing table will have &

make sure your configurations is correct on RT1 auto-summarization is disabled , RT2, and RT3 auto-summarization is enabled.


now I am confused too about this question RT1 is disabled so the answer should be and,  you right about your post.

I think we need the Admin to answer this question and eliminate this confusion.

I just looked this up and think I can clear up the confusion. According to Cisco Academy material:

"An EIGRP router autosummarizes routes ONLY for networks to which it is attached"

So, RT1 (no auto-summary) sends the network to RT2. RT2, since it is NOT attached to (or for that matter) passes the classless address to RT3. It does not auto-summarize the network because it is not attached to that network.

Hope that clears this up.
Maybe I should simplify my above response:

The is auto-summarized by RT2 because RT2 is connected to that network.
The is NOT auto-summarized by RT2 because RT2 is NOT connected to that network.
Thank you dmick  for the clarification, now it makes more sense.
Thanks for clearing that up. it was a great help

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