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Passed BCMSN, Started BSCI!!
    Just got back from my school house and one shotted another exam using Cisco Press and I must say this again as I stated on my CCNA. This site trully sets you up to pass. I had 15  minutes to spare. I had 3 labs all covered here on this site. Had 2 simlets both covered on this site, and last but not least 2 drag and drops also covered by this site. I am the first at my school house to pass BCMSN on the first try. Woot thanks How2pass!! Again!!
    For those going for this cert, Read the Cisco Press Book and get the lingo and understanding of switching. Then come to how2pass and study. Once you get 90% and above on the final.
***You are so ready for the official exam***

    Anywho I am a regular here feel free to ask me questions, pick my brain or even ask for tips on studying. Believe me I tried many things and finally found what works for me. Hopefully it will work for you. Good luck to those going for there Cert..
Be careful with the BSCI mate... I just did it (got hardest out of the way first)... Sims are spot on but got a fair few questions that were not on here!

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